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Ms. Lin Chien Chien "From Numbers to Maps"
I really love coffee. I don’t care if it comes from a french press, moka pot or an espresso machine; poured over or cold pressed. Served in a glass cup, porcelain mug or a steel tumbler. As long as it’s not a Nescafe 3-in-1 stick... I love the stuff.
So when I was offered the opportunity to shoot an editorial of Ms. Lin Chien Chien the Vice President Country Head of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (TCB&TL) Singapore, I wasted no time in booking my flights.
The shoot. I arrived early on site at their outlet in the JCube to set up and was expecting to greeted by someone from the companies PR division, eagerly waving around a book of brand guidelines and stipulating what could and could not be shot and how much, or how little time I would have with Ms. Chien Chien who no doubt due to her lofty position would have very little time to spend with me.
I was wrong. Bang on-time, a very charming and friendly Ms. Chien Chien walked into the outlet and introduced herself. Apparently she had been standing outside for the last 30 minutes, counting how many people walked past the outlet and how many walked in. A quick mental calculation later and she had a pretty good indicator on whether the outlet was on target or not. Not surprisingly I later found out that her background is in accounting.
The shoot was great. I was given full access to the outlet and carte blanche when it came to where to position her. So after a few obligatory shots strategically positioned in front of the company logo we headed behind the counter where, to the delight of the baristas, I had her making coffee. Now, it turns out that whilst she is exceptionally good with numbers, she’s actually not that great at  making coffee. However that just made the shoot even more fun.
Ms. Lin Chien Chien, photographed on assignment for CEO Magazine.
Kit & Set-up
Shot on location at TCB&TL outlet at the JCube in Singapore, with a 85mm & 50mm primes on a Nikon D4s tethered to a 15" MacBook Pro running CP1. Lit with natural daylight and a couple of Profoto D1 1000's.

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