Corporate Portraits
Presenting a selection of black & white corporate portraits of Doctors taken at part of a promotional shoot for their new practise in Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya. May 2018.
A simple brief.
It's customary for Doctors to be photographed sporting a big cheesy ‘botox smile’ grin on brightly coloured background, attired in an ill-fitting white lab coat with an obligatory stethoscope dangling around their neck. I didn’t want these portraits to be quite so clichèd – after all this was a group of young, up-coming, stylish professionals opening up a new practice in the trendy Jalan Gasing area of PJ – instead I opted for a more suave and refined look. Think Jon Hamm’s portrayal of ‘Don Draper’, over Matt LeBlanc’s ‘Dr. Drake Ramoray’.
Kit & Set-up
Shot on location at the Jalan Gasing Practise with a 85mm prime on a Nikon D4s tethered to a 15" MacBook Pro running CP1. Lit with a single Profoto D1's and beauty dish top right and a bounce card to the left.

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