Mythical Dragons, Saintly Slayers and object d'art from the UK .

Interior Shoot
Mythical Dragons demanding human sacrifice were in short supply during this shoot for the George & Dragon Cafe located in the misty heights of Genting Highlands, Malaysia. Sited at nearly 1,800 m a.s.l, one would have to assume that it was way too high and far too cold (almost 20˚c at times) for these fictional creatures to venture out. Or maybe it was the knowledge that there was a life-size statue of the Saintly George, clad in full armour, stood at guard in the window that kept them at bay and deterred them from engaging in any mischief!
Dragons aside, the biggest obstacle I faced on the shoot was the ever-changing weather conditions. With a brief that placed a lot of emphasis on the need to capture the beautiful mountainous views from the cafe’s veranda and with visibility fluctuating between 1 - 5 meters, I knew I would have to deploy a little bracketing and HDR processing to try and recover at least some of the details outside.
A huge thank you must be given to the restaurant staff that kept me in constant supply of really good coffee; the ‘ladies-that-lunch’ who took time of from their busy schedules to act as models for a few frames; Rachel, the ultimate client, for making sure everything was in order and that the restaurant had been cleaned to within an inch of it’s life and for making me feel so welcome; and last but by no means least, my client Wen of Think Cloud design Lab for engaging me for the shoot – as always it was an absolute pleasure to work with you.

Kit used on the day: 14-24mm & 24-70mm lenses on a Nikon D4s tethered to a 15" MacBook Pro running CP1. Lit with a couple of bounce cards to push the natural daylight around and the occasional bit of help from a Profoto D1500.

Architects: Think Cloud Design Lab.
Think Cloud Design Lab is an architecture + design practice based in Kuala Lumpur founded in 2013 by partners Sharon Ong and Foo Wen Hui. 
Think Cloud engages creative design through open studio culture, internally; and promote collaboration work and share learning opportunity, externally. The duo believe that to learn and innovate from basic detailing leads to good design that stand the test of time – OLD SCHOOL WITH A TWIST! 

Interested to find out more? Contact the Think Cloud Design Lab on +603-6263 6510 or email at:

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