CEO Profile Shoot
A profile shoot with SMART CEO Ms. Sharifah Alauyah for 'The CEO Magazine' in December 2018
"The Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (SMART) project was incepted by the project proponent, namely MMC Corp Berhad-Gamuda Berhad Joint Venture, primarily to mitigate the recurring floods in the city of Kuala Lumpur, the financial, business and commercial hub of Malaysia."

Ms. Sharifah conducting a project discussion with Smart management team; Mohd Noor Mohd Ali
Assistant General Manager (Head of Toll Operations and Corporate Comm) Mohammad Farish Bin Mohd Nor
Financial Controller (Head of HR/Admin, Contract & Legal) and Ahmad Razlan Amir Hamzah
Senior Manager (Head of Civil Structures & Traffic)

Ms. Sharifah in her office

Ms. Sharifah in the Smart Tunnel Control Room

I was really quite lucky to be able to get this shot of Ms. Sharifah in the Smart Tunnel itself. I must say a big thank you to her team for letting me set this shot up

Kit & Set-up
I used the 14-24mm & 85mm prime on a Nikon D4s tethered to a 15" MacBook Pro running CP1 (in the office shots), with a single Profoto D1 with zoom reflector in the office. Due to restrictions of space and kit I could take with me in the tunnel I had to go with a camera mounted sb910 which meant that the light was a little too harsh for my liking (I had nothing to bounce off or filter through and time was really tight). I'd actually brought with me a light stand and a large deep brolly which I wanted to place to her right, but space was too tight. 
Behind The Scenes with Rob Waller Photography
Behind The Scenes with Rob Waller Photography
Behind The Scenes with Rob Waller Photography
Tear Sheet, The CEO Magazine, March 2018.

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